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About Sheila Cunningham
and Evil Empire Designs

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Evil Empire Designs offers premium aftermarket parts and accessories for both Indian and Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Rider, model, bike builder, and celebrity motorcycle judge Sheila Cunningham designed all of EED’s parts and accessories.

The Indian Scout’s low seat height has proven to be ideal for female riders, which is part of what drew Sheila to it. When the Scout was released, Sheila viewed the bike as a great platform for sport touring and immediately began designing parts for it.

Sheila’s “Scouts Honor” was designed to showcase her line. Sheila designed a modified fairing/windshield as well as bubble bags with enough storage for a long weekend, featuring specialized lids and bag latches. For more power, EED’s over-under exhaust has been replaced with Sheila’s 2-into-1 high performance exhaust that delivers more low- and mid-range power. The stock mid-controls were replaced with Evil Empire Designs foot controls. The rear passenger pegs were also upgraded.

Evil Empire Designs (EED) floorboards are innovative with an innovative star motif. The floorboards are long enough to be ridden as either a mid-control or stretched out for comfort. They are easily mounted and measure a full 15.5 inches long. They are a sleek match with any custom bike. Evil Empire Designs’ floorboards also add flair to stock bikes. Star-shaped rubber inserts deliver a stylish non-slip surface. Evil Empire Designs’ floorboards for Indian motorcycles are available in Black or Chrome.

The grips are CNC-machined from T-606 aircraft aluminum. Give your bagger a premium look by choosing Black or Chrome finishes to match your floorboards.

EED offers two styles of exhaust and a set of mid-controls. Evil Empire Designs also sells a line of aftermarket parts designed especially for the Indian® Scout. These products include “Scouts Honor” saddlebags, a cutting-edge fairing, and two fenders: A “café style” and a “Fat Bob”.

Sheila Cunningham is well known in the motorcycle industry. She frequently acts as a celebrity judge for motorcycle events, such as the Las Vegas Bike Fest, IMBBA, and the Emirates Bikes Festival in Dubai.

Sheila Cunningham’s 2016 Indian Scout “Scouts Honor” is one of the featured bikes in the November 2017 issue of American Bagger Magazine. Sheila designed and built the motorcycle to show off Evil Empire Designs’ growing parts and accessories line. This is the third motorcycle Sheila has had in the pages of American Bagger Magazine. Check out the November 2016 issue to see more! Sheila was also featured in American Bagger in 2010.

Sheila’s mission has been to create parts that the average do-it-yourselfer could install themselves, and she takes pride in the fact that Evil Empire Designs parts are made in America. Her company is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. With female riders being 15% of the riding population and growing, Sheila is dedicated to helping other strong and dedicated women turn their passions into a career.

Sheila’s motto is: “Empowering ourselves and helping others!”


Sheila Cunningham, featured in American Bagger Magazine in 2017

Sheila Cunningham, featured in American Bagger Magazine in 2010